Designed to be ahead of its time, d5's ecofriendly low-rise pods meet contemporary entrepreneurial & environmental needs, and anticipates the needs of the future – to ensure what's best for our planet.

D5 comprises of six pods encased in steel that are connected by Sky Bridges - while being open to cooling breezes & gentle natural light. At the heart of each pod, lush landscaped roof gardens channel calmness throughout your business hours.

With d5, much of the hard work of designing your premises is already done for you. Its ingenious Riken Yamamoto design pushes the boundaries of commercial architecture, melding the worlds of creativity, art, design, aesthetic & environmental consciousness together - thus enhancing your business' attractiveness.

Based on the principles of a biophilic design, d5 seeks to satisfy people's innate needs to affiliate with nature in modern buildings. This need is essential to remain instrumental to people's physical and mental health, fitness, and wellbeing.